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If you are having difficulty achieving your operations and profit goals, RPM can help. Your association with us will yield increased dollars and better day-to-day productivity, professionalism and execution. By using RPM as your restaurant consultant, you should expect results similar to some of our previous partners in profits – regardless of your current bottom line performance levels. Here are some examples enjoyed by current and former clients:

  • Substantial short term profit increases within 30 days
  • Accurate P & L statements within 30 days
  • Professionally trained staff within 30 days
  • Turnarounds from operational monthly losses to profits within 90 daysFlawless openings
  • Pro-forma creations resulting in investor contributions
  • Solutions to short and long term cash flow problems
  • Innovative, acclaimed wine, spirits and beer listings
  • Short and long term sales increases
  • Consistently attaining goals and reaching forecasts within 1% of projection


We are proud of our track record over the years in service to our client partners in profit and are extremely proactive on behalf of the ownership of the enterprises we represent. We have never had a single client dismiss us because of lack of results, though we have trained our way out of many projects. Many of our former clients call us back for further services multiple times, some of our relationships are have been in place for 10 to 20 years, off and on. Some reasons why:

  • Devised and implemented accounting and cost control procedures for new restaurant concept with $4 million + in yearly sales resulting in a working P & L statement which showed a profit for the first 12 days of operation
  • Designed manager and employee training and scheduling programs which enabled smooth operation for a facility which did 190k in sales in the 1st two weeks of operation
  • Took troubled operation from a monthly double digit loss to double digit profit in 4 months (20k loss to 40k profit)
  • Added 175k in profit to individual restaurant bottom line over one year period
  • Developed and implemented sales incentive program which increased check averages by 8% in three weeks
  • Served as purchasing coordinator for 15 member restaurant consortium resulting in hundreds of dollars of savings per restaurant, per week
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